Photo of LaToya Reed
LaToya Reed
Director Program Management
Photo of Derrek Pugh
Derrek Pugh
Deputy Director Program Management
Work Phone: 803.299.4871
Photo of Neicy Roberts
Neicy Roberts
Administration Program Management
Work Phone: 803.299.4830
Photo of Mari Gaines
Mari Gaines
Program Services Coordinator Programs Services
Work Phone: 803.299.4870
Photo of Jody Spivey
Jody Spivey
Deputy Director POST/Job Challenge
Work Phone: 803.299.4883
Photo of Marvin Ash
Marvin Ash
Volunteer Coordinator Program Services
Work Phone: 803.299.4879
Photo of Germaine Middleton-Rasberry
Germaine Middleton-Rasberry
Lead Counselor Counseling
Work Phone: 803.363.9268
Photo of CSM Michael Rice
CSM Michael Rice
Commandant Residential Operations
Work Phone: 803.299.4877
Photo of 1SG Timothy Hartley
1SG Timothy Hartley
1st Sergeant Residential Operations
Work Phone: 803.299.4877
Photo of Erica Bowman-McConnell
Erica Bowman-McConnell
Administrative Counselor Residential Operations
Work Phone: 803.299.4873
Photo of Darvaris Peterson
Darvaris Peterson
Lead Teacher Education
Work Phone: 803.363.9336
Photo of Winfred Reese
Winfred Reese
Recruiter (Southern Region)
Work Phone: 803.722.9894
Photo of Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson
Recruiter (Northern Region)
Work Phone: 803.722.3284
Photo of Terri Pope
Terri Pope
Admissions Coordinator Admissions
Home Phone: 803-299-4883