Personal Statement from: Ms. Goodwin

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Personal Statement from: Ms. Goodwin

Parent of Cadet Ra’Shawn Goodwin

My son struggled academically throughout school. It seemed to get worse after he failed a grade. I made a decision to pull him out of public school. I home schooled Ra’Shawn with the hope of  getting him back in his correct grade. After two years of home schooling, our family decided it would be best for him to go back to public school.  He started out great with his grades, but then he went downhill. He was never disrespectful to me, his father or any other adult for that matter. It seemed his problem was not being able to focus in class; he was silly at times and found life to be fun and games. I admit I was getting to my end, because I wanted nothing but success for my child. With all my efforts nothing was working. Ra’Shawn just seemed to give up because he was so far behind in school. My family has a great support system and we just could not figure out what went wrong. I thought about other program, but didn’t like the reviews I was reading. I reached out to his school counselor in desperation, to see what we could do together to try to help him get where he needed to be.

After not getting the support or answers I was looking for, the counselor then began to give me a list of alternative programs. The South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy (SCYCA) stood out to me. I researched SCYCA over and over, read reviews and decided this maybe the place for my son. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first.  After attending a SCYCA  orientation, and meeting some of the staff, I felt this was it! Nothing was sugar coated, I felt my son needed this program. My family dropped Ra’Shawn off January  6, 2014  for intake,  our next time seeing him was February 28, 2014 family day pass. I saw a difference  in my son already! He has matured so much in such little time. He even washed the dishes after breakfast without anyone telling him to do so. That meant a lot to me, because, this is something he would have never done. I am a proud mom right now!  I know this is just the beginning for him. Thanks to all the staff at SCYCA keep up the great work.


 Da’Shelia A. Goodwin


Cadet Ra'Shawn Goodwin

Cadet Ra’Shawn Goodwin

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  • Sha'ron Palmer says:

    I ‘ve very proud of my great nephew Ra’shawn
    He is a very kind young man, and I know from this experience he will go on to do great things in life. Bravo Zulu! ! We love you.
    I would like to say thank you to the staff for a job well done.

    Sha’ron Palmer